dumpling night!

Steambox was born from the tradition of sharing great food with great people. For more than a decade, Kayeon has hosted numerous people at her dinner table, in Vancouver and Toronto. While the dishes varied from pasta, to dumplings, to pizza, Dumpling Night was the one you didn’t miss. It was a ritual, and when the last round was served, it was a race. Eventually Kayeon realized she got more of a rise from watching her friends fight over her dumplings than having CAD marathons at her daytime architecture gig, so here we are.

Dumplings can quite easily be produced through a machine; they can made with filler ingredients, pumped with preservatives, and are notorious for being on the unhealthy side.

We’re trying to change that.

Each dumpling is made by hand, using Ontario meat and poultry, and local produce whenever possible. Our roster has been road-tested, each recipe tweaked and perfected over time. While dumplings are traditionally meat-based, we also offer the widest selection of vegan and gluten free dumplings in the city.

Whether it’s hanging out at a pop-up event in Toronto, or grabbing frozen bags from one of our retail outposts, we thank you for making Steambox a part of your dumpling-crushing traditions!

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All of our dumplings are made by hand by our small team. We put a tremendous amount of care and attention into the process; each of our 13 flavours were developed in-house and has its own distinct shape and bold taste!


While the typical dumpling wrapper is a combination of flour, cornstarch, water, and salt, our house-developed gluten free wrapper is a bit more involved. Our custom blend of gluten-free flours includes rice flour, millet flour, tapioca starch, and potato starch.

We are not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but we are extremely gluten aware. We take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination. We have dedicated production days for our gluten-free dumplings and work only on stainless steel surfaces. All surfaces and utensils are sterilized before and after use, and our dumplings are safe for those who are gluten sensitive or celiac.

For hot service, a dedicated gluten-free pan and chopsticks are used to cook the dumplings.

Limited quantities of gluten free dumplings are always on hand at Death in Venice. If you have a hankering for a specific flavour, want to stock up, or have questions, feel free to drop us a line!